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If you have any questions or queries about the site, drop us an email at mom.magazine@hotmail.com

Information regarding contributing to MoM can be found in the ‘Submissions Info & Guidelines‘ section of the site


3 comments on “Contact MoM

  1. I am just about to set up a retro community cinema. Can I stock your magazine please? What is your minimum order? Thank you.


    • Hi Michael,
      That sounds wonderful. Where is your retro community cinema based – it’s the sort of thing we’d love to visit if it is anywhere near our neighbourhood. Of course you can stock our magazine. There is no minimum order as such. A large retailer like The Cinema Store in London might take between fifty and seventy off us in one go, whereas a smaller online retailer like Hemlock Books might take only thirty. But then independent retailers like Cosmo’s in Brighton asked for only three! If you want three, ask for three. If you want twenty three, ask for twenty three. If you want a hundred and three ask for a hundred and three! We’re completely flexible. Please email us at mom.magazine@hotmail.com and we will discuss trade prices with you so that you can sell them on at RRP and make a bit of money on them. Bear in mind there is currently an Issue 1 and 2 in circulation at the momwnt, and Issue 3 is in advanced stages of preparation. Hope to hear from you soon.
      Jonathon & Dawn Dabell (multitude of Movies Magazine)


  2. Hey Jonathan and Dawn this is Atiyab from India. Check out my blog here, i have made this to post some of my favorite movie reviews and more importantly reviews for bollywood movies, as there are less blogs of it. Wish me luck



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