Buy MoM Magazine

MoM is available to purchase in two formats; Print copy and Digital copy.

MoM can be purchased direct from us using paypal

UK customers – Payments of £5.30 (£4 + £1.30 P&P) to mom.magazine@hotmail.com

EU Customers – Payments of £7.50 (£4 + £3.50 P&P)  to mom.magazine@hotmail.com

Worldwide Customers (Non EU) – Payments of £8.50 (£4 + £4.50 P&P)  to mom.magazine@hotmail.com

Postal Orders and Cheques are also accepted – please email mom.magazine@hotmail.com for more info

A print copy of MoM can be purchased from the following outlets:

Hemlock Books (Click here to visit site)

Amazon  (For Issue #1 Click here; For Issue #2 Click here; For Issue #3 Click here)

Magpile (Click here to visit site)

The Cinema Store, London

The digital version of MoM can be purchased from the following online outlet:

Dead Good Publishing (Click here to visit site)

5 comments on “Buy MoM Magazine

  1. […] magazine is available in a print format as well as digital. The print edition obviously gives you that wonderful sensation of having a […]


  2. […] writing and artwork. A lot of heart goes into this publication – you can purchase it from the website, which also features a growing series of original content reviews. I have contributed to this with […]


  3. is it possible to purchase individual articles?


    • Hi Ingeborg,
      We publish articles online, but we also have a printed magazine. It is 80 pages in length, with colour covers and b&w interior. In it, our team our writers cover movies from every genre, era and language. We have three issues – Issue 1, Issue 2 and Issue 3 (which is a 100 page special, but still the same price). We charge £5 (pounds sterling) for an issue, plus p&p. Drop us a line at our email address mom.magazine@hotmail.com and let us know where in the world you live, and we’ll see if we can get you a good shipping quote. Thanks for your interest.


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