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MoM Magazine (Print Version & How To Purchase)

Multitude Of Movies (or MoM for short) is a magazine created by film lovers (and married couple) Dawn and Jonathon Dabell. It is a quarterly publication, which aims to celebrate and review movies from any language, genre and era. Each issue is full of retrospective reviews and articles about films, as well as specially commissioned artwork, overviews of actors, actresses, directors, etc.

First and foremost it is a magazine By movie lovers For movie lovers. Writers and artists from all corners of the world contribute to it, discussing films you love, films you hate,films you’ve seen many times and films you’ve never even heard of. The aim of the mag, above all else, is to talk film. It’s put together with love and dedication to the cinematic art-form, and we hope our readers enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy producing it.

The magazine is available in a print format (see ‘Buy MoM Magazine’ section of the site) as well as digital. The print edition obviously gives you that wonderful sensation of having a real magazine in your hands and in years to come if it becomes collectible you’ll have a potentially valuable hard copy in your possession. But of course the interior is black and white. The advantage of the digital edition is that it is full colour throughout and is delivered to your PC in seconds.  Either way we hope you get hold of a copy of this exciting magazine and get great joy from its pages for many years to come.


One comment on “MoM Magazine (Print Version & How To Purchase)

  1. […] the editors have been kind enough to allow me to use the article again here. If you’ve never read the magazine or visited their excellent website, you are encouraged to stop what you’re doing and head […]

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